New educational program focusing on providing emerging artists with resources in our community through mentoring. 
Interested in being a mentor?
The WSAC provides annual scholarship opportunity to high school seniors or continuing education students attending an accredited arts program
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Grant opportunities for artist projects, events or arts organizations are awarded quarterly.
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or call 360-473-5425 for more information. 

2014 Awards
$1000 Scholarship
Zane Boothby
$500 Scholarship
David James Degnan
$250 Scholarship
Madison Boewe
$250 Scholarship
Delaney Lehman
$250 Scholarship
Chelsea Foster
$250 Scholarship
Alexandra Lasater
$250 Scholarship
Dana Jensen

2013 Awards
$1000 Scholarship
Brittney Brown

2012 Awards
$1000 Scholarship
Colton McCoy

2011 Awards
$1000 Scholarship
Ivy Rice

$500 Grant
Kitsap County Historical Society
"Made for Walkin" Exhibit

CKHS Drama Department
"Spring Fest 2011"

2010 Awards
$1000 Scholarship
Hannah VanHollebeke

$500 Grant
Evergreen Children's Theatre

$300 Grant
Collective Visions Gallery

$250 Grant
Changing Scene Theatre